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Wellness Bites

Wellness Bites

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An all-natural snack that nourishes your body and supports your overall health. Made from wholesome ingredients, these bites are packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats that are essential for a healthy gut, heart, and brain. With an irresistibly delicious taste, Nix Apothecary Wellness Bites are the perfect guilt-free snack for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Each Wellness Bite is roughly 1" in diameter. For maximum wellness, we recommend enjoying at least two bites per day as a snack, with breakfast, or for dessert!

Starter pack: 14 Life Bites $20 (about one week supply) $1.43 each

Monthly pack: 62 Life Bites $70 (about four week supply) $1.13 each


Each batch is made to order. Please expect your order to ship within 1-3 days.


Ingredients: Oats, Raw Honey, Peanuts, Coconut, Flaxseed, Chocolate Chips, Chia Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Bean.

*We can add cranberries upon request but our original recipe does not contain cranberries.

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