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Did you know that your vagina is the most sensitive and complex part of your body? I bet that you never even thought about moisturizing or exfoliating down there and gurl I'm here to change that. After applying our Yoni Oil to your vaginal area, your skin will quickly absorb the oil, leaving your V soft and hydrated. This Yoni Oil can be used as a moisturizer or for sexual purposes. If you shave or wax down there, then follow up with our Yoni Scrub for gentle exfoliation to avoid those painful ingrown hairs.

How to use Yoni Oil:

Using the dropper and clean fingertips, massage a few drops all over your vaginal area.  Use our Yoni Scrub for a smoother texture and to avoid ingrown hairs.

Yoni Oil Ingredients:

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Oil


How to use Yoni Scrub:

This scrub comes with a wooden scooper. In the shower with clean hands, emulsify a scoop of scrub and apply to only your labia majora (where the hair grows), not to the labia minora or vagina. Gently scrub in circular motions and then rinse off with water. Follow up with our Yoni Oil for a super soft and moisturized kitty. This scrub can be used anywhere on your body, external areas only.

Yoni Scrub Ingredients:

Shea Butter, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E Oil


Extra information:

Be sure to read the ingredients list before purchasing. Please patch test products on your inner arms and inner thighs to test for any sensitivity. Although unlikely, if any reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do not ingest. If you're pregnant, ask your doctor before use. This product will not cure any diseases or infections, nor do we promise that any of our products do. Nix Apothecary is not responsible for any reactions. External areas only unless otherwise stated.

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