About Nix

A bit about me:

Hi, I'm Nicole, the everythinger of Nix Apothecary. (I'm on the left and my mom is on the right. She's actually taller than me but we wont get into that.)

I was born in Miami and grew up in a community full of talented individuals like chefs, educators, artists, athletes, the list is endless. From a young age, I knew that I wanted my own business that was an embodiment of my many aspirations, dreams, and talents.

I moved to Orlando when I was a teenager and after graduating high school, I enrolled in college to study biology and chemistry. I earned my associates degree in 2021 and then pivoted to interior design for my bachelor's degree (class of 2025).

 My lifelong goals always revolved around owning a store, be it cosmetics, skin care, or a restaurant. Within my business, I wanted to give back to my community. My artistic abilities and entrepreneurial drive fuel my many aspirations.

With that being said, I present to you my lifelong dream in full pursuit:

Nix Apothecary.

 I founded Nix Apothecary for several reasons but mostly because health is #1. Remember how I studied chemistry? Well that's when I became aware of the ingredients in my hygienic products.

The products I was using were mostly fillers and known toxic chemicals and they were expensive. I noticed fillers like water and micro-plastics, toxic chemicals including sulfates, parabens, aluminum, and phthalates, and preservatives such as formaldehyde. Applying certain chemicals and preservatives to the skin over time could lead to the user developing skin disorders or even cancer.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, there was an outage of everything. Like everyone else, my family had to get creative. I started making reusable face masks to help keep people safe. I saw and felt the impact that I had on my community. Citizens all over the United States and Actively Duty Military Personnel over seas were in need of PPE. Along side virtual college, I was delivering on my mission to keep people safe, all over the world.

Several months into the pandemic, my grandmother suffered a seizure. My mother and I boarded the next available train and 28 hours later, we arrived in New York. My grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer and needed emergency surgery to remove the tennis-ball-sized tumor that was resting on her frontal lobe. The surgery was successful and soon after, the 40 rounds of radiation therapy began. Gram is officially healthy and cancer free. (You go gram!)

I became more aware of the ingredients I put in and on my body. I knew I could continue to have a positive impact on my community and thus, Nix Apothecary was born in 2021. With a mission to give back to my community in a healthy and positive way, I started donating products to people who were in need. So far, we've donated to people all over Florida and in various parts of New York. I couldn't have done this without you guys.

I believe that health comes before anything else, which is why I handcraft every product at Nix Apothecary with certified organic, non-GMO, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients.

All of my products are free of plastics, toxic chemicals, and fillers. Our packaging is recycled and recyclable, and our ingredients are 100% biodegradable— because healthy people and a healthy Earth isn't bargained for at Nix Apothecary.

Even though it's just me behind the scenes, I say "we" and "our" because Nix Apothecary doesn't only belong to me, but to you and the other children of Earth.

If you're reading this, thank you very much for your support in my life long dream and mission.

As always, stay safe and have a great rest of your day.

-Nicole and Nix Apothecary